HDR success
17th October 2010
Finally after many attempts at HDR conversions, I have finally managed to create a few images I am quite happy with using the technique of merging multiple exposures to increase the dynamic range in high contrast situations. And the answer I have found? Using more than 3 images. I have found that using 7 images with 2/3rds stops between each exposures appears to give enough data to be successful and covers a range of +/- 2 stops. This obviously means that a tripod is essential to ensure that all frames are lined up and using a shutter release cable certainly helps - If only I could remember to use one!

I have uploaded a few shots using this technique that I think work, what do you think?

Wet feet and Long Exposures
11th October 2010
Early Monday morning at Aberavon,the tide was high and the light was lovely - perfect conditions for some long exposures on the breakwater. I checked the tide was at its highest before venturing out on to the pier but the water was still lapping the surface making the whole sea look like an infinity pool. What I didn't take into account was the effect of the swell from the large ships leaving Port Talbot Docks on the high tide! I did get very wet feet as the waves washed over my boots, but it was a very surreal experience standing next to a canoeist as he paddled past me and I loved the effect of the water rushing through the concrete "Jacks" as the sea crashed over the wall.

Newport SuperDragon hunt
15th September 2010
I have spent the last few weeks hunting down SuperDragons in Newport. Some who know me may say that I have become totally obsessed (and I would probably agree), but I have created a Blurb Photobook to show some of the detail of these fantastic artworks that have been gracing the City of Newport. A preview of the book can been seen below (please be patient it may take a few minutes to load)- but this only shows a small fraction of the 61 unique dragons. I hope you love them as much as I do.
2/10/10 - I have updated the book slightly, to include the location map and improve the quality of a few of the images. See what you think.

Still life shoot in an ancient long barn
11th September 2010
Discovered a fantastic old long barn with a group of friends. It was so full of old abandoned artifacts that we were all like children in a sweet shop - there were tripods and cameras everywhere! I have posted 3 shots from the day in my decay & dereliction gallery, but I will definitely be going back to explore it more thoroughly in the future.
Now with Free Delivery
21st August 2010
As a trial postage costs have been removed from the pint sales.
Lighthouse Project
06th August 2010
Added a new page to show my most recent project, pictures of the lighthouses of South wales.
Images of York Station and sculpture park added
26th July 2010
A recent trip to Yorkshire led to visits to York Rail station and the Yorkshire Sculpture park. Both have strong architectural features which I found wonderfully photogenic. Some of the images I took have been added to the travel and Architecture galleries or follow the "latest photos uploaded" link on my home page. I hope you enjoy them.
Infra-red images from Aberglasney Gardens added
15th June 2010
Mike & I had a lovely day with Mark & Christine Mumford on Saturday at Aberglasney Gardens. I decided to shoot using my IR converted camera to try in the hope I would get some otherworldly images - have a look to see if I succeeded.
Photo's re-sized
11th June 2010
So they show better on lower resolution screens.
New photos from Fountains Abbey added
07th June 2010
Went to Fountains Abbey in Yorkshire with my parents. Fantastic weather and the sun brought the crowds out - not great for taking photos, but follow the "latest photos uploaded" link on my home page to see the images I did get. Alternatively they are on page 3 of the Monochrome gallery portfolio.
New Images added
31st May 2010
New Portfolio structure and images
Guest book added
30th May 2010
Guest book created - please leave your comments there.
Website started.
29th May 2010
Initial design.